Responding to the growing need for Urban Air Mobility Vports plans to own, build and operate networks of Vertiports around the world with the strategic objective to be present in all continents by 2030

Key features of the Vertiports


Vertiports will provide business and public transportation, including an airport shuttle and health services


Passengers will be able to book services (trips, F&B) before arrival on flight

Smart booking

Security screening and boarding process will not exceed 10 minutes from Vertiport arrival to taking a seat in the eVTOLs ​

Montreal based

First Vertiport to be located in Montreal, Canada


Backed by technological advancements and government initiatives, the influx of established aerospace, automotive and technology companies into the UAM market is expected to drive the air taxi market. Air taxi operations are forecast to commence in 2022 in the Middle East and grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.9% to reach 430,000 units in operation globally by 2040.

The Infrastructure part of this business is still not as advanced as the eVTOLs’. Local and state level are still not considering this option as a reliable transportation mode.

VPorts is leveraging this gap.


One Stand Vertiports

Small operations, targeting local communities, health organizations (Hospitals and local clinics), remote areas (islands, difficult access areas).

Multi Stand VertiPorts

Small to medium operations, targeting local communities, health organizations (Hospitals and local clinics), remoted areas (islands, difficult access).

Multi Modular VertiPorts

Large operation with different transportaion modes. Subways, trains, taxis, bikes, buses.  

Support Vertiports

An MRO, charging facilities, pilot rest and/or emergency, etc.